Birreria: Eataly’s gift to beer drinkers

Beer selection at Eataly

Let me preface this post by saying that there is only one way to go to Birreria – with a reservation. The line to get in weaves its way through the beer section in Eataly and was probably over an hour long when we arrived at 6:45. I can’t tell you how much pleasure I got from skipping past all of those people and being ushered up to the 14th floor where our table was awaiting us. That said, Birreria is pretty awesome.

The scenery is gorgeous, the atmosphere is even better, and despite the swarms of people downstairs the roof deck never felt too crowded. The food can be pretty expensive ($13 for a salad of arugula and tomatoes?). So, in order to ensure that the majority of our money was spent on beer, we opted for sharing 3 plates of food. First we got a cheese plate (7 cheeses for $17), which clearly was delicious, because when is cheese not awesome?

Maitake with pecorino sardo

Next we tried the Maitake Mushrooms with Pecorino Sardo ($15). Roasted maitakes with a heavenly soft cream made from pecorino sardo. Salty and earthy.

Probusto sausage with krauti

Finally we tried one of their homemade sausages, which is definitely the way to go. We got the probusto ($21), which is made from pork and beef and comes from the Trento region and is akin to the german “Frankfurterwürstel.” It was probably the tastiest sausage I’ve ever eaten. No, seriously, it was awesome. Flavorful and melt in your mouth good.

The beers: I started off with one of their 3 cask beers that they brew on the roof deck. The one I really wanted to try, the Gina, a pale ale made with thyme, wasn’t ready yet so I settled for the Sofia, which is a traditional Belgian Wit ($10). It was good, though no better than most wheat beers I’ve had. It was light and refreshing with a hint of the sour taste you normally get from a wit. It definitely didn’t stand up to the flavors of the food, which overpowered it’s subtleness. It was a good beer but I wouldn’t rave about it.

Sofia: Belgian Wit beer

There are 10 beers on draft, 4 of which come from the brewmasters who are brewing the cask beers at Birreria – Dogfish Head, Del Borgo, and Baladin. The next beer I tried was from Del Borgo. I’ve never had any of their beers before so I was interested to check it out. The Rubus Lamponi is what they had on tap: it’s an ale that’s been fermented with raspberries ($7). I was pleasantly surprised by the tart raspberry flavor. It wasn’t sweet or cloying. It’s tart, a bit sour, and a beautiful pinkish color. I can’t wait to try out more beers from this brewery.

Del Borgo Rubus & Jackie being a creeper

Finally, I tried the Baladin Super ($8). It has a great amber/brown color and tastes of almonds, honey, and caramel with hints of fruit at the end. It was a really smooth beer and quite enjoyable to drink.

Baladin Super

Things I didn’t like:

1. The number of people drinking wine – why are you wasting space at a beer garden?

2. Our server who acted as though she was a surly teenager fighting with her parents. I’m here to have a good time, I don’t need your attitude.

Overall, I was happy with my first experience at Birreria and I’d definitely recommend checking it out…so long as you make a reservation.


4 thoughts on “Birreria: Eataly’s gift to beer drinkers

  1. Livin’ the dream, vicariously, thanks to your blogpost. Boy, did that stuff look (and sound) delish! Thanks for the account. Where you headin’ next?

  2. Just so the world knows: In order to get this reservation, after panicking the night of July 2nd (because they started taking reservations on the 1st and I completely forgot) while at a dinner party in Maine, where I spent the 4th I snuck out the back door, hopped on a bike and rode furiously to where I was staying to grab my cell phone. I high-tailed it back so it wouldn’t be noticeable that I left and made the reservation on their website while “getting another beer.” Also for anyone looking to go, they were sticklers when we tried to update our number of people so lock that down before you book.

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