Weekly Beer Roundup: 7/18/11

Whole Foods Beer Room

This past week my boyfriend and I went to the Whole Foods beer room on Bowery and Houston. It’s my favorite place to find new beers. They have such an incredible selection that I could literally spend hours in there deciding what I want to get. Not to mention that you can go there and fill up your growlers with whatever they have on tap that day. On this particular trip we came away with 4 different beers: Stoudt’s Heifer-in-Wheat, Epic & Dogfish Head’s Portamarillo, Pretty Thing’s American Darling, and Dogfish Head’s Namaste.

Another shot of the beer

Stoudt’s Heifer-in-Wheat is a bavarian-style hefeweizen (aha the name is a clever take on the type of beer!) and it does a good job of being just that. Admittedly, my boyfriend only decided on this beer because of the cow on the label but I’m glad he did because it was a perfect summer beer. Light and refreshing, it tastes mostly of cloves and banana but I definitely picked up on some citrus notes as well. You also get a bit of the sour/yeasty taste that often accompany a hefeweizen but it’s not overbearing. It’s a beer you can drink continuously on a hot summer day.

The cow clearly caught my bf's attention

The Portamarillo, which was a collaboration between New Zealand’s Epic Brewery and Delaware’s Dogfish Head, is a porter made with smoked tamarillos. Tamarillos are apparently a type of tomato/fruit from New Zealand. You can definitely taste them in the beer. They give off a sweet, smokey flavor and gives it a rich mouthfeel. I wouldn’t say this was my favorite but that may be because this is not exactly a summer beer. It’s heavier and richer than what I’d normally drink on a 90° day.

Epic & Dogfish Head's Portamarillo

American Darling, brewed by Pretty Things, is a “good time lager” as their website describes it. It was probably my favorite out of the 4 we bought. At 7% this is no ordinary pale American Lager. It was really well-balanced and had a great grassy/earthy taste to it. There was definitely a bit of peppery bite to the beer and a good amount of yeast and malt flavors as well. It’s the type of beer you could drink all day, except that at 7% you’d get drunk pretty quick.

Pretty Things American Darling

Finally, though I’ll have to add the pictures of this beer later, Dogfish Head’s Namaste is a witbier. Originally it was brewed to help out 3 Fonteinen, a brewery in Belgium, that lost 1/3 of its production beer to a thermostat accident. A portion of the profits from the beer went to help out the brewery. It’s brewed with orange, coriander, and lemongrass. As is to be expected the beer was crisp and light. The coriander and the orange come across immediately when tasting it – spice and citrus are the notes I taste first. The lemongrass took me a couple sips to pick up on but it gives it a nice earthy undertone and is definitely aromatic. Overall, a well-rounded beer that’s infinitely drinkable.

Dogfish Head Namaste


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