SHO Shaun Hergatt

Hello people brave enough to read this,

My name is Dave and as a long time college friend of Dana’s and fellow food fanatic privileged enough to join her on many restaurant occassions, I have become a contributing author of this blog because I begged and groveled I wanted to contribute posts about some of my other experiences in the city. First up, SHO Shaun Hergatt, a high-end restaurant in the Financial District right off of Wall Street that is frequented by the $iBanking$ crowd.  As restaurant week is winding down (until the inevitable extension), I was so happy to get a reservation here because it is definitely a splurge, aka out of my budget on a normal night.  This also tends to be how I choose restaurants during RW because it is all about getting the best deal. As you may later learn about me, when discussing restaurants, the word coupon is often mentioned.

I scoped out the menu early to see what looked best and, despite seeing a few good options, I immediately decided on all 3 courses.  I brought my girlfriend Emily, and secretly hoped she chose the other ones I thought looked good so that we could taste different offerings.

For our first course, I went with a 64 degree egg with crab and avocado while Emily had a chilled carrot espuma with panna cotta.  While the carrot dish was bright and refreshing, it is hard to beat a perfectly cooked egg.

Chilled Carrot Espuma

A 64 degree egg is generally cooked for about an hour in an immersion circulator, which sounds technical, but pretty much means it is easy to execute and hard to screw up, if you happen to own an immersion circulator.  The egg was indeed very delicious, balancing well with the crab and avocado, and the presentation was a work of art, something SHO seems to take very seriously.

64 Degree Knoll Crest Egg

 Another great thing about restaurant week is that, although your options are limited, the kitchen is pumping these dishes out all night which means service is efficient.  We were onto the second course pretty quickly.  The pork belly was an obvious choice for me while Emily went with Trout.  The fish was delicious and succulent.  I often worry that fish will be dry but SHO knows what they are doing.

Tasmanian Ocean Trout

 The pork belly was soooo good.  A layer of crispy skin on one side lined tender and juicy pork that was sweet and tangy.  They could have tripled the portion size and I would have eaten it all.  Check out the fancy shmancy plating below.

Berkshire Pork Belly

We cleaned our plates and soon enough, the dessert course arrived.  I am a sucker for chocolate while Emily tends to order more fruity options.  There was no Chocolate Lava Cake on the menu, but I managed to survive.  My Milk Chocolate Cremeux had a crispy outer shell with a deliciously smooth inside and was perfectly paired with an Apricot sorbet.

Milk Chocolate Cremeux

I must say, Emily had the better pick this time with the Summer Berry Trifle.The trifle had tons of fresh berries with a scoop of ice cream in the center on top of a piece of graham crackery crust.  A great finish to the meal.

Summer Berry Trifle

Of course, to be considered a high-end restaurant, it seems you must offer petit fours (snob speak for one more bite of dessert).  We were given two peach gelatin petit fours and 2 almond chocolate petit fours.  Both were good.

Petit Fours

Overall the dinner was great and the service was wonderful as well.  They didn’t rush us out of there to turn the table over, which can happen during RW, so we were able to take our time and enjoy the meal.  In the end, I completely cleaned three very artistic plates and felt very satisfied.  My one complaint would maybe be that the portions were a bit small, but I must also mention that I tend to eat with my eyes and so it felt pretty good to not be overly stuffed and cordoned off to the couch for the night.

P.S. The image at the top is the restaurant business card.  I have developed a habit (that Dana has taken on as well) of picking one up with every place I go when I remember.  I tend to prefer the more traditional rectangle. B-

P.P.S.  I couldn’t go to the Financial District without visiting an old friend I miss from back in the days of living down there.

  The Jubes!!

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