The Ice Cream Gauntlet

Royal Treat Ice Cream Parlor

As anyone who goes to the shore knows, ice cream plays an integral role in boardwalk culture. Just like cheap, cheesy t-shirt stores, ice cream shops are everywhere in beach towns. I felt it was my duty to scout out my favorite ones, you know, for the blog (this has become my favorite excuse now when I want to get certain food – “it’s for the blog!”). There are 3 in particular that I tend to gravitate towards while I’m down there: Royal Treat, The Ice Cream Store, and Kohr Bros.

Royal Treat

Royal Treat is a Rehoboth staple. It’s been around for 30 years serving breakfast and ice cream out of a house on Wilmington Ave., right off the boardwalk. It’s an adorable place and their ice cream is homemade. The only thing that drives me NUTS is that they won’t let you try any of the flavors. What is that about? Luckily, almost any flavor you try will be fabulous so you can’t really go wrong.

Black Raspberry in a sugar cone

This time around I was in a fruity mood so I went with black raspberry. I have to say it was one of the best ice creams I’ve had. The flavor was perfect – not too sweet but the fruit came through really nicely. The texture was extremely creamy and smooth. It’s the type of ice cream you dream about having.

Peanut Butter

My Uncle Chip got the peanut butter flavor. Real peanut butter in the ice cream! I’m not a huge pb person but still looked yummy. My Uncle Ross insisted on getting a milkshake but he copied me and went with the black raspberry flavor. I’m sure it was delish.

Just a sample of their many flavors

The little kid in me LOVES The Ice Cream Store. It’s got a bagillion flavors and by that, I mean, 70 flavors. But that’s neither here nor there. Hello, they’ve got a Sirius Black flavor! Obviously, he’s my favorite character from HP and so when it makes it on the menu I must get it. This place is awesome. There is always a massively chaotic jumbling of people outside trying to figure out what they’re going to get. Pressure! Do I get bacon? Or maybe the Green Fairy? But what about Better Than Sex?! AHHH too many to choose from and before you know it, you’re at the front of the line, scrambling to figure out if you want the Booger flavor or the Motor Oil. The great thing here is that they’ll let you try as many flavors as you want. That’s right, just keep asking for samples until you decide but try not to be a jerk and ask to try all 70 – that’s just mean.

Pink Mint & Mayan Chocolate Cinnamon

As always, I panicked at the last-minute and went with 2 completely random flavors: Mayan Chocolate Cinnamon and the Pink Mint Chocolate Chip. Yeah, I went with the Pink Mint because the colors on the door were pink and green – I’m a sucker for marketing. It was a good flavor but no better than any other mint chocolate chip I’ve had. The chocolate cinnamon, however, was awesome. Deep, delicious, chocolate flavor, followed by a big spicy kick from the cayenne and cinnamon. Starts off soothing and cool and ends with a hot punch in the back of your mouth.

Espresso Chip & Key Lime Pie

My mom got key lime pie and espresso chip. It truly tasted like key lime pie, only in ice cream form. The espresso flavor reminded me of the espresso at il Laboratorio del Gelato in NYC. It was a strong flavor.

Finally, there is Kohr Brothers (sorry for the lack of pictures – just imagine a soft serve ice cream cone and you’ll get the idea). It’s a chain of frozen custard shops started in 1919 on the boardwalk of Coney Island and now serving several states. Their flavors change seasonally (I’ve gotten cinnamon and pumpkin there in the fall) but they always have staples like chocolate, vanilla, and orange. Orange is my favorite because when you swirl it with vanilla it becomes an orange creamsicle. I always top it with rainbow sprinkles. Love sprinkles. Frozen custard is particularly silky and smooth and the flavors at Kohr Bros are surprisingly rich.

You really can’t go wrong with any of these shops.


3 thoughts on “The Ice Cream Gauntlet

  1. Nicely done, McTavish — all of these joints have something to recommend them (mostly the opportunity to pay $4 for a 23-cent portion of ice cream, but hey…).

    You did neglect one important fact about Kohr Bros., however: they have a location in northern Va. Also, never mention anything about communism in front of their clerks — it gets them *very* nervous.

    Vacate these premises, young lady — I am quite serious.

    • I did indeed mention that Kohr Bros is in several states. I forgot to mention that the Eastern European women working at the stand didn’t appreciate your feelings toward communism…

  2. Next time I’m anywhere remotely near the vicinity of the northeastern seaboard, I am going to have to work in a side trip to the Ice Cream store and the Kohr Bro’s place.

    Sadly, it is impossible to get proper coffee ice cream at most ice cream joints here in Louisville — and you can forget about trying to get a coffee milkshake. As such, that espresso chip looked absolutely divine (but, based on the description, I think I’d have to pair it with the Mayan Chocolate!).

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