Weekly Beer Roundup: 8/8/11

This past week was a hodgepodge of beer drinking. From the Boat Basin to The Fat Radish – here we go:

Victory Summer Love

Victory Summer Love: This past week we celebrated my friends 4th annual 21st birthday (because what’s the point of aging past 21?) at the Boat Basin. The Boat Basin is located at West 79th & the West Side Highway and it can be a glorious place to drink outside during the summer. They have a decent beer list but I was pleased when I got to try Victory’s Summer Love ale. Created to celebrate and promote Philly (no comment), Summer Love is a crisp, earthy ale with funky citrus notes. It’s refreshing but not light on flavor, perfect for the sweat inducing weather we’ve been having. Beer lovers and novices alike can enjoy Summer Love.

Ommegang Hennepin and Mike being a creeper

Ommegang Hennepin: I’m sure most people have heard of, if not already tried this beer before but I drank it so I’m going to review it. Ommegang is a brewery in Cooperstown, NY where they brew beers in the Belgian tradition. Hennepin happens to be a Farmhouse Saison, which traditionally were brewed in the winter and meant to be drunk during the late summer by farm workers. I happen to love this beer. It’s lemony and a bit spicy, packed with a yeasty, fruity aroma. I think it’s an extremely well balanced beer.

21st Amendement Brew Free or Die: An IPA for IPA day! Last Thursday I discovered, thanks to G-LO, that it was IPA day. As if I needed any extra encouragement to down a delicious IPA. It was the night Rick and I went to the Fat Radish and they happened to have this beer as one of their specials. Since I enjoyed the Hell or High Watermelon so much I figured this was a good way to celebrate such an important holiday. It has a nice bitter bite, just as an IPA should, but it’s not overwhelmingly bitter. It has earthy, piney notes mixed with fruity citrus undertones and a good amount of carbonation. I wouldn’t say it’s the most complex IPA I’ve ever had but it did the job credibly.

Dupont Saison & Brew Free or Die IPA

Dupont Foret Saison: This is another saison style beer. This one from Brasserie Dupont in Belgium. Dupont is well-known for its yeast strain, which produces distinct beers. You can definitely taste the yeast in this hazy blonde beer along with lemon and spice. I also remember tasting/smelling fruit and grass. Apples and earth. I thought it was a good beer but it wasn’t the most memorable. I enjoyed it and would like to try it again when I can focus more on the actual beer than the food I was eating.


One thought on “Weekly Beer Roundup: 8/8/11

  1. Thanks for mentioning my IPA post from last week! Very kind of you. Great list of beers. I’ve had all but that particular Brasserie Dupont. I love the Saison Dupont and they Avec Les Bonnes… something or other. Delightfully funky beers!


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