Weekly Beer Roundup: 8/15/11

Only 3 beers to share this week so I suppose it was a slow beer week. Regardless, they were a good 3! So enjoy.

Captain Lawrence Imperial IPA & Moretti

Captain Lawrence Imperial IPA: I ordered this beer while dining at Tarry Lodge this past weekend. I’m always a fan of IPA’s and I had never tried this one before. Captain Lawrence makes a damn good beer. I really enjoyed the imperial IPA. I thought it was extremely well balanced and smooth. It’s piney, hoppy, and a bit floral without being overwhelmingly bitter.

Stillwater Cellar Door

Stillwater Cellar Door:  I had never heard of this beer or brewery but Rick had and wanted to try it. Glad he pushed for this one. It’s a saison style beer brewed with sage. As you can tell from the picture, the carbonation is pretty high. I got a nice foamy head both times I poured. Up front I tasted lemon, hops, and spiciness. The smell was herbal and yeasty and those are the notes the beer ends on. The sage comes through quite clearly and makes it a really interesting beer to drink. Very crisp, clean, and refreshing.

Del Borgo 25 Dodici

Del Borgo 25 Dodici: We picked this one up at Eataly a couple weeks ago thinking it would be an interesting beer to try. We were right. First off, there is almost no carbonation. It almost seems flat but there’s just enough to make you realize you’re actually drinking a beer. Second, I was expecting a big hit of flavor but instead you get a very subtle, light flavor. It’s brewed with orange pill and the beer is definitely citrusy. I tasted bitter orange and spice. I’m assuming the “natale” on the label refers to this being a Christmas beer and that’s what the flavors reminded me of – citrus, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg. It ended with a bit of funky yeast flavor but left almost no aftertaste. I don’t even know what to think about this beer. I liked it and would like to try it again. It was very different. Also, it’s 9.5% and does not taste that strong at all. Could be dangerous…


2 thoughts on “Weekly Beer Roundup: 8/15/11

  1. That IPA sounds perfect right now.

    If you ever get the chance to try one, there are two Utah brewers who make excellent IPAs: Squatters and Epic. Epic offers several, but the Spiral Jetty is my favorite. They’re both my favorites, ironic that they’re brewed in Utah.

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