Weekly Beer Roundup: 8/22/11

Another week that was light on the beer.


Chang: Chang, as the bottle informed me, is Thailand’s #1 beer. That’s a bit like saying Budweiser is America’s #1 beer so lets not get excited here. I ordered this at my local Thai restaurant and it suits the cuisine well. It’s a light beer without much flavor. A bit of hops here and bit of earthyness there but it’s exactly what you want when you’re eating spicy curry.

Belfast Bay Lobster Ale: This is a red ale, which Rick tried at Luke’s Lobster on the UES. As with all the beers they carry at the restaurant, this beer is from Maine. It was quite delicious. It’s a bit fruity, not too hoppy, with hints of smokey malt. It’s a mellow but flavorful beer and goes great with a big, buttery, lobster roll.

Lobster Ale & Wild Blueberry

Sea Dog Wild Blueberry: This was my choice at Luke’s and it smelled like blueberry pancakes…if you made blueberry pancakes with beer anyway. It tasted pretty much exactly how it spelled. Wheat/malt and blueberry being the main things you taste. It has a touch of sweetness but it’s not cloying or overwhelming, nor is the blueberry flavor. Definitely an enjoyable brew.


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