From Thailand to Maine in One Night

Soft Shell Crab from Land

On a glorious evening last week, Rick and I decided to sit outside at my local Thai place for dinner. For the record, my roommate and I tried pretty much every Thai place on the UES and were about to give up hope of finding a halfway decent Thai place until we discovered Land. It may not be the best but it’s far and away the best up here. Everything is reasonably priced, they deliver, and everyone is super friendly. On this particular evening Rick and I ordered the special soft shell crab appetizer. It came on a bed of apples, mangoes, and arugula with a spicy sauce. It was really good. Normally I don’t go for their appetizers but this one was well worth it. It came fried to crispy perfection with just the right amount of heat. Unfortunately, at this point in the meal the health inspector showed up to inspect their kitchen and they had to shut down their dinner service. Our server apologized profusely and informed us that our beers and app would be on the house. They were really great about it, which I totally appreciate. Fear not, I will finish my review for Land another time.

Lobster Rolls

However, now we found ourselves in a predicament because we had already eaten an appetizer we didn’t want another full meal. What to do? Go around the corner to Luke’s Lobster of course! I’m sure most people in NYC and maybe even a bunch outside of NYC have heard of Luke’s. Luke Holden opened his first store in the East Village in October of 2009. He grew up in Maine and his father was/is a lobsterman, giving him insider access to delicious lobster. This allows him to offer stuffed lobster rolls at the almost reasonable price of $16. Ok, so that seems way steep for a roll but it is lobster and compared to the prices of most places in NYC this is one of the cheapest…and probably one of the best. The bun comes toasted with butter and the lobster is mixed with a very light dressing of mayo and herbs. It’s made entirely with claw meat and every bite is like a little slice of heaven.

Lukes Menu UES

As you can see from their menu, they also offer crab and shrimp rolls along with soups and crab claws. I’ve had the lobster bisque before and it was probably one of the better ones I’ve tasted. It came stuffed with lobster meat. Chock full of buttery, melt in your mouth lobstah. You can also do the schooner combo which gets you any of their rolls with a bag of chips and a soda for $2 more. Not bad, unless you prefer to get a beer with your meal, which I did. Luke’s has several locations in NYC and one in DC. Definitely worth checking out if you enjoy a good New England lobster roll.


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