Late Night Eating at This Little Piggy

As anyone who is an accomplished drinker knows, late night food can be the difference between waking up with a raging hangover and feeling like an actual human being in the morning. When one finds oneself on the verge of going from happy drunk to belligerent drunk or from brown out to black out, food can be a life saver. On such occasions, greasy, carby, cheesy food tends to be best.

This Little Piggy menu

Last Saturday I found myself in just such a situation. After downing cake batter vodka drinks and then Swedish fish vodka drinks (who knew such flavors existed?!), I knew it would probably be a good idea to get some food in my belly. I had heard of the infamous This Little Piggy Had Roast Beef, mostly from Rick’s roommate, who would frequently wake up next to empty wrappers after a long night of boozing. It seemed the perfect place to drop by on our way through the East Village.

That Way Roast Beef Sandwich

They have 2 main roast beef sandwiches: This Way or That Way. This Way comes with au jus and cheese wiz and That Way comes with caramelized onions, gravy, and fresh mozzarella. They also have a pastrami sandwich, known as The Other Thing, and a new sandwich called the Popeye Way, which has roast beef, provolone, and spinach. Rick and I split a That Way, as they’re rather large and I definitely didn’t need one all to myself. The sandwich was warm and gooey. The mozz melts just slightly over the roast beef and onions and the gravy keeps the bread from being too dry. It’s exactly what you crave after a couple of drinks. It’s like a high-end Philly cheese steak. Mmmm.

Now Serving Beer

This Little Piggy also has a fantastic offer of a Pork Slap beer and a free roast beef slider for $3. This is the perfect way to continue drinking while also giving your stomach a little sustenance. After all, you wouldn’t want to sober up too much from all that eating…there’s an amusing story behind this but I’ll spare you. Suffice it to say that one of Drunk Dana’s worst fears is that eating too much food will sober her up. My friends know what I’m talking about.

Do you need to be drunk to enjoy This Little Piggy? Of course not. Who doesn’t love a good roast beef sandwich at any time of the day? I’m just saying that’s probably when it’ll taste the best.


3 thoughts on “Late Night Eating at This Little Piggy

  1. I was going to ask the same question as Dave (as in his first question; I know that you of course don’t remember the Grandma slice). But where can I get these drinks you speak of?!

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