Bread & Tulips

My friday night was all planned out.  Dinner at Rouge Tomate after work and then off to meet up with my sister, in town for a bridal shower over the weekend.  If you couldn’t tell by the title of the post, however, no sooner had I made my way into the entryway of the restaurant did I find myself letting the Maitre D’ know I had to cancel and was back out in the rain.  My sister was locked out of my brother’s apartment, the key wouldn’t work, and she needed my help.  Upon arrival, I realized to my surprise, that an actual problem existed with the lock and my dinner plans were not cancelled due to incompetence.  While waiting for the super to arrive with some wd~50 (I do really want to make it there) WD-40, I took it upon myself to access the roof, scale the fire escape, and break in through the window that held my brother’s AC unit.  After taking a moment to feel truly badass, I wondered how I managed to not  break anything as I flopped through the window like a fish out of water Spiderman-ed into the bedroom.  I also spent most of the time convinced a nosey neighbor would be calling the cops to report a B&E. Segue to my dinner at Bread & Tulips.

Once the door was fixed, Emily and I were left with no dinner plans and my brother and sister were off to see Wilco in the pouring rain in Central Park.  We decided to check out Bread & Tulips, an italian restaurant on Park Ave and the younger sister restaurant of an UWS locale called Wine & Roses.  I haven’t been to the latter so I went in with no expectations.

Olives & Crostini

Feeling pretty hungry at this point, we ordered two apps, and two pasta dishes.  I also enjoyed a Pork Slap beer, which I found to be pretty delicious.  I had first seen it on the menu at Torrisi but had never heard of it before then.  Regretting not trying it there, I felt like I was seeing it everywhere I went and so I finally gave in, and was happy I did.  The restaurant provided a wonderful variety of bread and oil to start, especially their focaccia.  I figured, if it’s in their name, they better know how to do it right and I thought this confirmed it.  Sadly I changed my tune a bit later on.  Our starters consisted of the House Blend Olives and the Crostini.  The olives were perfectly juicy and salty, a great starter.  The Crostini, an interesting combo of foie gras, pickled blueberries, and toasted almonds, however fell flat for one reason.  The bread was burnt in many places and the crust was incredibly tough to get through.  For such an odd combination of ingredients, which really did work in my opinion, it was sad to be let down by the staple of the dish.

Carbonara (front) & Trofie Pasta (back)

To the entrees:  Both of us were in a pasta mood and so it was pasta all around.  I went with the Grano Arso Carbonara, that came with mushrooms, pine nuts, arugula, and a farm egg.  Emily chose the Handmade Trofie Pasta that had a delicious spiced lamb ragu.  Both pasta dishes were good, but I wasn’t blown away.  The flavors, while good, were a litte uninspiring.  The chantrelle mushrooms in my dish were easily my favorite part and they definitely put enough in the dish to satisfy.  As a whole, however, my dish was extremely rich and I had to leave a bit on the plate that I was too full to finish.  In the end, I felt like I had a good meal, but it did not leave me with the impression that I had to return.

ONE item, however, might have piqued my interest just enough to come back to try it, we’ll see.  We were way too full for dessert, but we glanced at the menu.  Immediately I wish I had had room in my stomach.  Robiola Cheesecake, what what?!?!? That reminds me, I also think I’m overdue for a trip to Uva.


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