Apple Picking at Lawrence Farms

Apple Orchard

Is there any better Fall activity than picking apples? Pumpkin carving and Sunday Football are a close second and third but nothing really compares to being in the country, with the leaves changing, to pick some juicy apples. Ever since moving to NYC I’ve had the burning desire to go apple picking and I finally got my act together this year to plan it (thanks, mom, for letting me steal your car!).  So, on a gloomy, overcast, misty Saturday, Jackie, Kim, Liz and I headed upstate to Lawrence Farms in Newburgh, NY. Having postponed the trip once already for rain, we decided to forge ahead no matter what the weather threw at us.

My Fellow Adventurers

Our efforts were rewarded with pumpkins, apple cider doughnuts, and the cutest goats ever. Seriously, I want a goat. Newburgh sits directly on the Hudson River and up on the farm it’s very picturesque.  We bought our apple picking bags for $.50 (you pay for the apples per pound) and got ready to load them up with every type we could find. Right now there are a lot of different varietals that are ripe and in season. Our favorites (we tasted extensively), were the Fuji and Golden Delicious. Sweet and full of that apple flavor that you just can’t get with the ones they sell in the grocery store.


After we had picked to our hearts content (and realized that we still had to lug the heavy bags back into the city) we decided to visit with the farm animals. Did I mention the goats? There were two of them: Buttercup & Rags. They sniffed out our apples like a couple of bloodhounds and wasted no time charming us into handing over a few. It’s not as if we didn’t have a couple to spare.

Working hard for that apple


Hey, you're pretty cute


I was happy to see that Lawrence Farms had a decent amount of pumpkins sitting around, as most of the Northeast’s pumpkin population was decimated thanks to Hurricane Irene. You can also pick your own vegetables at the farm but I was more interested in picking up a few doughnuts. They smelled intoxicating and they tasted just as good. Covered in cinnamon sugar, they were warm and light. Perfect for the day we were having.

Apple Cider Doughnut


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