Rouge Tomate

So this time around, I made it to (the 1 Michelin Starred) Rouge Tomate for realz.  Emily and I met at the restaurant for a second time, and when no emergency phone call came, we were actually seated.  Black Rock must have had some event going on down on the lower floor because we could hear a woman on a microphone mumbling about something, which made it a bit too loud to always understand the waiter, at least I think it was the noise.  Anywho, we soldiered on nonetheless.  A quick scan of the wine and cocktails informed me that I would be drinking water that night.  And for Emily, the standard: “Could you bring lemon wedges for the water?”  It seems, the menu, although extensive, was pretty pricey.  We took a look at the dinner menu, made some decisions and ordered an app to share, followed by two entrees.

Soup, Bread, Oil, and Beets

To start, we were brought some delicious bread and oil with 2 beets on the side, as well as an amuse bouche of warm soup with cauliflower.  The beets were a nice little bite and the soup was a great start to the meal. It was warm and flavorful with a little kick to get you excited about the meal. I also just really enjoy when a restaurant does something like this because I feel like it can help make a diner feel like they are getting a worthwhile experience without much effort. 

Sauteed Montauk Calamari

For our appetizer, we ordered the calamari.  This was not your pedestrian fried calamari with cocktail sauce.  This calamri was sauteed to perfection and sat in a coconut lime broth, very similar to the one I mentioned in my post on the scallop dish at Kin Shop.  Tossed with a few veggies and cashews, I could not help myself from going fork to mouth on repeat until the plate was clean.  The plates were all cleared and we moved on to the main course.

Cow's Milk Ricotta Gnudi

Emily was in the mood for pasta, so she went with the Ricotta Gnudi.  While the accompanying ingredients were pretty tastey, especially the farm egg and mushrooms, the gnudi themselves fell a bit flat.  They just seemed bland in comparison to the rest of the dish.  In the few bites I had, it just seemed like they didn’t add much to the dish, and Emily agreed.

Long Island Duck a la Plancha

For some reason, I feel like I have been ordering game pretty regularly when out these days.  Needless to say, Duck a la Plancha caught my eye and so that is what I chose and was extremely happy I did.  This dish was as good as it was gorgeous.  Another plate licked clean of perfectly cooked duck, sauces, and sides.  When I spent some time in Hong Kong for work, duck was something you could get on your pizza at the CPK in the mall.  In New York, though, I normally leave it to the professionals and they delivered. 

One look at the dessert menu and we decided to pass.  I’m sure they make a good dessert, but much like the alcohol, nothing seemed appealing enough when compared to the price.  Plus we were two blocks from Sprinkles and that seemed like an awesome, and cheaper option.  Although the elusive Banana foiled my flavor choice yet again by not being there, the Belgian Chocolate (the special, no longer available) and Cinnamon Sugar were both delicious.  I could probably wirte a whole post on Sprinkles, or cupcakes in general, but I’ll save that for when I have more “experience.”  (Damn you for being so close to work.)  In writing this post, I noticed that the Sprinkles website shows what flavors are available on what days, which is dangerous but amazing and now I am off to try the special that came out today, Caramel Apple.


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