Madison Square Eats


Madison Sq Park Eats


This past Saturday was perhaps the first, and last, nice Saturday we’ll see this Fall so it was necessary to spend it outdoors in the hopes of soaking up some vitamin D. Jackie suggested we check out the food festival at Madison Square Park that’s been going on since September 23 and runs through October 21. As you can see by the picture they have quite the lineup of food vendors. I was immediately overwhelmed by my food options. Did I want a hot dog from Asiadog? Or perhaps a pretzel from Sigmunds? What about a lobster roll from Redhook Lobster Pound? Then I saw that Roberta’s Pizza had a wood burning oven and they were churning out personal pizzas. My choice had been made. Luckily, I had Jackie and Kim with me to try out some of the other vendors.

The Bee Sting

I opted for the Bee Sting pizza at Roberta’s, which had tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, sopressata, chili oil and honey. I’m a big fan of honey on my pizzas, as weird as that may sound. The saltiness from the meat combined with the hit of sweet from the honey is truly a flavor explosion. Salty and sweet always go together. Chocolate covered pretzels? Salted caramel? I mean, c’mon, it’s always a good combo. Add in the heat from the chili and this pizza  going to entertain your taste buds. Not to mention that it was perfectly cooked – nice char on the bottom of the slice but not burned, pliant but not mushy. All of their pizza options sounded awesome. I’d like to go back or actually make it out to Bushwick to their restaurant.

Jalapeno & Cheddar Bratwurst

Next up we have the jalapeno and cheddar bratwurst from Almond that Jackie got. Wow. This may have been the winner of the day. Ok, so I’m a sucker for bratwurst but this was up there with the best. The brat was juicy, spicy, cheesy, and all around delicious. It came with some sort of mustard sauce and pickled cabbage. It was so big that we couldn’t finish it.

Chicken hot dog with Asian Slaw

Kim went with the chicken hot dog with Asian slaw (known as the Mel & Steve) from Asiadog. I had been wanting to try this place for a while, as it’s not far from where I work but just hadn’t gotten around to it. I will definitely be going pronto. The dog itself was good, especially considering it was chicken and could have been bland. It was not bland. Add on the slaw and you’ve got yourself one hell of a meal. The sesame slaw gives a nice crunch to the hot dog and lends itself well to the flavor.

Vegetable Buns from Fatty Snack

As our bonus item of the day we ordered up some vegetable buns from Fatty Snack. These were super hearty and it didn’t really feel like you were just eating vegetables. There were tons of meaty mushrooms and fresh carrots. The buns themselves were pillowy and fresh. If I wasn’t so full from finishing off an entire pizza I would have devoured these in two bites.

Roberta's Wood Oven

It’s not as though we could leave without getting some dessert and what better way to end the day than some crack pie from Milk Bar? Crack Pie is the super addictive, buttery, insanely sweet, creation from Christina Tosi. It is like crack, in that it is impossible to stop eating, you get jittery when you have too much, and it’s likely to give you a heart attack. I didn’t get a picture because it was gone too quickly. You’ll just have to get some for yourself.


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