Ma Peche

About a week ago, I was sitting at my desk, hungry and not sure what to get for lunch.  That’s when I remembered I hadn’t had Ma Peche takeout in a while and, still reeling from my lack of Crack Pie, realized that the lunch pick up was at the bar through the Milk Bar.  Ma Peche is Momofuku’s midtown spot and the loacation is awesome for anyone working in midtown, looking for an upgrade to the work week lunch routine.  They had recently expanded the take out menu (available weekdays and Saturday til 2:20pm), so I knew I was due for a return trip.

Pork Buns

My heart was set on Crack Pie, so I wanted to go smaller for my main course.  I’ve had the Banh Mi there, and highly recommend it, but I opted for the Pork Buns.  I had them a while back at Noodle Bar, but I forgot how much I loved them.  Steamed pork buns are another food item I ate religiously while in Hong Kong for work, but David Chang’s version ups the elegance, making them both visibly stunning and extremely delicious.  If it weren’t for the 10 dollar price tag for two, I would easily have tripled my order.  These little guys are packed with flavor and juicyness.

Compost Cookie

While waiting in line to pick up my food and pay for my Crack Pie, I couldn’t help but also grab a Compost Cookie, because of course I couldn’t.  I had seen them mentioned almost every time I had read about Milk Bar so I figured trying one was a must.  The cookie is soft and packed with everything imagineable.  From chocolate and butterscotch chips, to oats, pretzels, and potato chips, each bite is packed with an awesome balance of salty and sweet.  Also, compared to the 5+ dollar asking price for a slice of Crack Pie, Milk Bar cookies are a steal at under 2 dollars.

Crack Pie

This left me with what I had been craving for weeks.  A firm practitioner of “Saving the Best for Last,” the memory of this slice replayed in my mind for hours.  I am unable to give you any description or explanation of this experience that hasn’t been covered elsewhere on Dana’s blog or otherwise, but I did manage to snap a pic before it disappeared so I will leave you with that.  The box still tempts me at my desk, but I am incapable of throwing it away.

Thus concludes my multi-post arc of emo borderline crazy Crack Pie rants.  You may now sigh in relief.


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