Pig heaven or as Wikipedia defines it “a savory, fatty, and moist boneless pork roast of Italian culinary tradition.” Thus, describes the filling of the one and only sandwich available at Porchetta in the East Village. Actually, there’s a mozzarella sandwich too but that’s not why you’re coming here. You’re coming here for the pork in all of it’s fatty, tasty, glory. Porchetta was opened by Sara Jenkins and Matt Lindemulder in 2008 and it has basically become an institution.

Porchetta Sandwich

I mean, just look at that sandwich. Crusty, chewy bread from Grand Daisy stuffed with juicy, fragrant pork. There’s nothing else on the sandwich, just the porchetta. Your taste buds will immediately pick up on all of the seasonings that make this meat so good. There’s garlic, rosemary, sage, fennel, and a hefty portion of salt. This does not want for flavor. The sandwich comes with a trio of meat: the belly, loin and crispy skin (Rick calls it “pork candy”).

Porchetta Plate

You can also order the porchetta plate, which comes with cannellini beans and greens. It’s a hefty serving of food. The space is small but there is some bar seating. It operates mostly as a take out place. Porchetta is on the same block (7th between 1st and A) as Luke’s Lobster, The Big Gay Ice Cream Shop, and Caracas Arepas. It’s a culinary destination.


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