Gourmet Hot Dogs at Dogmatic

Hot dogs, by definition, are not gourmet. They’re made from all the disgusting animal by products that I’d really rather not think about. In Elementary School someone came in a did a little presentation on what exactly goes into hot dogs and I apparently refused to eat them for months afterward (which is amusing considering my love of them now). However, you don’t need to worry about the hot dogs at Dogmatic because they’re made with organic, high-end ingredients, which essentially makes them sausages. Let’s be real here, sausages are the highbrow version of the hot dog.

Chicken with Truffle Gruyere

Whatever they may be, the dogs at Dogmatic are delish. They’ve got pork, beef, chicken, turkey, and lamb dogs. Instead of a roll, they hollow out a baguette and stick your hot dog of choice in there with one of their 6 sauces. They’ve got homemade sodas and non-fried french fries. On this particular occasion I chose to have a chicken dog with the truffle Gruyère sauce (ok, I always get the truffle Gruyère sauce). I love the baguette idea. Let’s face it, hot dog buns suck – crappy white bread that just doesn’t do the trick. Bring on the baguette with its nice crusty crunch and soft insides. I’m usually a straight forward mustard-on-my-hot-dog person but anything with cheese and truffles will put a smile on my face. Rick got a pork dog with the Chimichurri sauce. The Chimichurri was super flavorful and felt refreshing, which is a strange sensation to have when you’re eating a hot dog.


Fries & Mac n Cheese


Rick and I also got a side of the fries, which are good but you have to eat them quickly because they start to get stale. And for the first time I tried the mac and cheese, which is also made with the truffle Gruyère concoction. Man, that is some fine mac n cheese. Ooey and gooey and delightfully cheesy. I would go back again just for that. It’s a great spot to stop by if you’re ever in Union Square. Shout out to Kimbo who was the one to introduce us to this place.


2 thoughts on “Gourmet Hot Dogs at Dogmatic

  1. And now I am thinking about going to Dogmatic after work, alone. It has really been far too long since I have been there. That picture makes them look so gross and amazing.

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