A Birthday Dinner at DBGB

I apologize in advance for the pictures, they were taken with Rick’s phone.

To celebrate Rick’s day of birth I took him out to a restaurant he had been wanting to try for some time. There are a lot of reasons to go to DBGB – it’s a Daniel Boulud restaurant, it has an insanely awesome beer list, they have an entire section of sausages, and perhaps most importantly, they offer giant ice cream sundaes. Thankfully, it’s also more reasonably priced than most of Daniel’s restaurants. It has a cool vibe with a soundtrack made up entirely of classic rock music.

Flatbread Special


Blue Cheese Wedge

After scouring the menu and taking many a sip from our delectable beers (a Hoppy Feet IPA for me), we decided on 2 apps, 2 entrees and a side dish. That particular night they were offering a special flatbread with cacao beans, hot peppers, mushrooms, and some other things that I’ve completely forgotten about at this point. Don’t judge me. I really had no idea what to expect from cacao beans but they had a surprisingly mild flavor. We also ordered the iceberg and blue cheese salad because how can you go wrong with blue cheese and bacon? You can’t. And let me tell you, it was a great wedge.

Chipolata and Beaujolaise

As for entrees, I had read some less than stellar reviews, except for their sausages. Not that we probably would have ordered anything other than the sausages but that solidified our decision. There’s an entrée option for a “sausage duo,” which is mighty helpful considering there are 14 different ones to choose from. I got the chipolata and the beaujolaise. The chipolata is a pork sausage that came with the most incredible mashed potatoes with truffles that I’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting. I’m still thinking about them. They were pureed and silky smooth and just utterly delicious. The potatoes sort of overshadowed the meat but both aspects worked perfectly together. The beaujolaise is made with pork, mushrooms, bacon, and onions. Man, this had incredible depth of flavor. Just bursting with different notes. Rick and I both thought this had the best “meat” flavor, what you would want a sausage to taste like. It came on a bed of lentils, which I thought were fine but I’m not a huge lentil person.

Louisiane and Thai

Rick ordered the Thai and the Louisiane. If you like Thai food, you will love this sausage. Your taste buds will scream “Well hello there lemongrass and curry! So nice to see you mingling with pork in this delicious meat link.” That’s exactly what they will say because that is exactly what you taste. And it is good. The Louisiane comes with a fantastic gumbo of crayfish and ham. The sausage itself is extremely smokey with a really nice hit of heat. It’s not an overwhelming spice, it just slowly creeps up on you. Just to ensure that we had a few vegetables along with our meat, we ordered up a side of brussels spouts, which were expertly done. Browned and crispy and full of brussels sprouty goodness.

Chocolate Malt

Finally, we had to decide on just one ice cream sundae, as we were too full to really contemplate eating much more. All sounded incredible, including the special orange creamsicle, but in the end the birthday boy chose the chocolate malt. Let me give you the description from the website: “malted meringue, cookie dough, brownies chocolate fudge & whipped cream.” It was huge, definitely a two person dessert. More importantly, it was awesome. Truly the best ice cream sundae I’ve ever experienced.

I would say our trip here was a huge success and definitely a place we’ll be venturing back to…so many other sausages to try…


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