Tomorrow I am off to the land of Cheesesteaks for a weekend of eating, entertainment, and watching my roommate destroy the marathon. Suggestions for places to go are welcome!

Kick some ass Megan!

And please don’t forget to donate to my half marathon! Here is my page:


3 thoughts on “Philadelphia

  1. Crap! You’re probably back in NYC already. If I would have seen this earlier, I would have recommended the following places to eat and drink:

    Good Dog
    Misconduct Tavern
    Standard Tap
    The Reading Terminal Market
    Tony Luke’s

    Please skip Pat’s and Geno’s. I know they are “world famous”, but I think they suck. Ok ok… it’s kind of personal with me. I grew up around the corner from there and dealt with the traffic and the trash for way too many years. I loathe them!

    Sorry… mini rant is over. Hope you had a great weekend in my hometown! Looking forward to the recap.


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