Well Hello Christmas Season

I’m back from my hiatus. Sorry for disappearing (because I know there are so many of you who read this). I hope everyone had a delicious Thanksgiving – I know I did. I’ve been lacking motivation to write recently, probably for a number of reasons. My camera is out of commission (I’m getting it fixed this week!) and most of money has been going to running clothes, accessories, etc etc rather than food. Running is, apparently, not cheap. But with the Christmas season upon us I’m feeling like there are good things ahead for the blog. Who knows, maybe I’ll finally put a recipe up on here.  

In the meantime, here is my recap of Philadelphia, which will be short and sweet. First, and most importantly, Megan ran her first marathon! What a champ! It was great to be there and cheer her on. I honestly can’t imagine running that far so it was incredible to see her do it. As for food, there is only one thing to get when you go to the city of Brotherly Love – a Philly cheesesteak. My dad, who went to college in Philly, had told me to avoid Pat and Geno’s, which are apparently not that good. And luckily for us our friend, Kate, who lives in Philly now knew a good spot to take us. I really don’t see how a cheesesteak can be bad – it’s meat and cheese on bread – but people in Philly take this very seriously. We went to Jim’s Steaks on South Street. The original was built in 1939 in West Philly but it’s expanded to several locations. We arrived around 2 and there was a giant line twisting around the building. That’s usually a good sign and thankfully it went quickly because we were all starving. I know cheez whiz is a big thing down there but after seeing the giant vat of it, we avoided it and went with american cheese and onions. I thought they were delicious. Cheesy, flavorful, and completely satisfying. I’m not sure there’s a better way to describe it. All in all, our trip was quite the success and I think we all enjoyed Philly a lot more than we thought we would…NYC is still better.

Also, in completely unrelated, random news – my hometown is getting a Dinosaur BBQ. I’m pretty sure this is the most exciting thing to happen in Stamford, ever. Joy to the world!


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