It’s Been a While…

View from our old roof deck

I’ve received a few comments about my lack of writing in the past couple months. I admit, I got a bit tired of writing but now I miss it and so I’m back. I’ll be changing it up a bit and not just writing about restaurants/food, seeing as how I can only physically eat out at so many places. I suppose it’ll be more generically about living in NYC. You know, the struggles of being a poor 20-something in a city full of struggling, poor 20-somethings. Yay for being creative!And what better way to get back into the swing of things than to write about all the reasons I love living here? I love living here, right? Right????

The Boat Basin is literally in a roundabout off the West Side Highway

I’ve lived in New York City for 2 1/2 years now. I’ve had amazingly happy times and some pretty terrible times. I’ve had moments where I can’t imagine living anywhere else and moments where I can’t imagine living here for 1 more second. I’ve praised the city, I’ve cursed the city. I love mass transit, I loathe mass transit. Tourists are evil, yet I think everyone in the world should visit. It’s the greatest place to people watch but it’s so crowded that most of the time you want to kill everyone within arms reach. There’s a million things to do but there are a million people who want to do those things.

The Fountain and Gas Lamps in City Hall Park

These are but a small portion of the things we go through living here. I’m not complaining. I grew up wanting to live here and I feel lucky that my dream came true. So here are a select few reasons why I love being in the greatest city the world (don’t argue with me).

  1. Bagels. Anyone who knows me, knows my love, obsession, and adoration of bagels. And anyone who knows anything about bagels, knows that NYC is the only place that makes them properly. You can keep your bagels Montreal, I don’t want them. And yeah, I made bagels my #1 reason for loving this city.
  2. The different neighborhoods. From my office I can walk to 6 neighborhoods within 10 minutes (Tribeca, Financial District, SoHo, Chinatown, Little Italy, Lower East Side). Each one is distinctive, has it’s own charm, and it’s own personality. Even though I’ve spent many hours exploring all of them I still don’t feel as though I’d ever get to know everything about them.
  3. There is a Duane Reade on every other corner. Let me tell you a story. In November we went to Philly to cheer Megan on in her ownage of the Marathon there. We wanted to make signs and thus set out in search of a drug/convenience store to buy supplies…we wandered for 45 minutes before we found ANYTHING. Let it be known that this would never happen in NYC, as you are never more than 3 blocks from a Duane Reade, and for that, I am thankful.
  4. Public Transportation. Most of the time you will find me complaining about the subway but I think it gets the short end of the stick sometimes. I overheard a girl on the L train describe it perfectly. She said that while commuting at rush hour sucked in NYC, it just meant that perhaps you’ll be delayed by a few minutes and have to deal with being crowded. But, in a place like LA, commuting at rush hour meant adding on an hour or two to your travel time. So really, we should stop bitching.
  5. As an addition to the previous reason: the MTA had to change the automated message on the subway from saying “We are delayed because of train traffic ahead of us, please be patient” to “We are delayed because of train traffic ahead of us, we apologize for the inconvenience” because NYers were annoyed at being asked to be patient. AWESOME.
  6. The people. NYer’s are a unique breed. This is demonstrated by NYMag’s “21 Questions” segment they do every week. The final question is always: What Makes Someone a New Yorker? And everyone has a different answer. My current favorite is Ana Gasteyer: “Anyone with the stamina to live here and love it.  Anyone willing to get rid of their stuff so’s to fit new stuff into an apartment. Anyone able to yell first, then be nice. A huge truck honked in traffic by us on the way to preschool this morning. My 4-year-old hollered “Oh go Beep Yourself!” at the driver, then they waved at one another all friendly. That’s a New Yorker.” Truth.
  7. 7th St between 1st Ave and Ave A. How can that many incredible food outlets exist in such a concentrated space? We love good food, that is the only answer. This is my way of putting in “restaurants” without being super boring about it. Of course New York is awesome because of our food.
  8. We’re packed in here like sardines, which means getting really creative with small spaces, and I’m often amazed by the solutions people come up with. I mean, what other place would be able to create a favorite drinking space in the hole of a roundabout?
  9. The fact that someone could make a video about “Shit New Yorker’s Say” and have it be so incredibly accurate. I’ve said 95% of the things on this video. Notice bagels play an integral role.
  10. The Parks. What would NYC be without it’s parks? I may have spent all winter cursing CP under my breath but walking through there on a warm spring day makes surviving the horrific winters here totally worthwhile. Every park, no matter how small, is a respite from the daily grind that can wear you down here. My favorite is City Hall Park. It’s tiny but when I’m sitting there listening to the water from the fountain and enjoying the gas lamps, it doesn’t matter that I’m surrounded by 2 of the busiest, loudest streets.

Obviously we have the GREATEST sports franchise in all of sports

And we have the Yankees. Enough said.


4 thoughts on “It’s Been a While…

  1. I loved Ana Gasteyer’s response to what makes someone a New Yorker. Edie Falco’s was also great: “A low-grade disgust and hatred for this city and an unequivocal inability to live anywhere else.”

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