Central Park Saturdays

In college, spring weekends were reserved for day drinking at the downtown houses. Girls would wear sun dresses, guys would wear whatever because college guys are slobs. Everyone would gather to celebrate the nice weather, play games, and generally enjoy life the way only a college student can. We miss this spring tradition…we miss it a lot. And so, here in the city where none of us have outdoor spaces, we head to the park to do our day drinking.

Enjoying our picnic

We set up camp on Cedar Hill with our cheese, fruit, newly purchased Girl Scout cookies, and champagne. Of course, drinking isn’t technically allowed in the park but that doesn’t actually deter anyone from doing it. Just avoid making a scene or being too loud…or shooting champagne corks off all over the place….

Liz, demonstrating the proper way to open champagne

We had a nice spread of food. 3 different cheeses, (including stracchino, which was our favorite discovery in Italy), fresh fruit, salami, and fresh bread. Stracchino, also known as crescenza, is a mild, soft, cows milk cheese from Lombardy. Spread it on a good piece of bread, layer arugula, and prosciutto, and warm it up to create the best sandwich you’ll ever eat. You’re welcome.

Can't you just feel the happiness?

Anyway, it was a wonderful day spent in the park with good friends. I wish every weekend could be like this.


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