The Great Googa Mooga?

The Crowd at Googa Mooga

Oh Googa Mooga, I may never know what the hell your name means, but I shall look back fondly on our time together. Though the crowds were voluminous, the lines lengthy, and the wait for booze maddening, I don’t regret a moment spent at the festival. After all, it was free (not the food or booze) and it was a gorgeous day. Dave, Liz, and I arrived right after it started, which meant a manageable number of people. There were few lines and we got food quickly. By midday it was a different story but I’d say all things considered (it was the first year of the festival) the organizers did a good job. There were glitches: the people serving the booze showed up late and they didn’t have enough vendors for the number of people at the event. Hopefully these are things they rectify for next year.There was also no cell phone service but that’s sort of what happens when you get 20,000 people together in a small space.

The Slider from DuMont

Anywho, onto the food! We started at the Hamburger Experience. Liz wanted to try the DuMont slider. I’ve only recently become a burger fan and this was as good a burger as I’ve had in recent memory. Very simple, good, juicy beef with red onions, pickles, and tomato. Yum.

Mmm Roast Suckling Pig

After that we decided to divide and conquer. Liz got a brisket taco from Hill Country BBQ, Dave snagged the foie gras doughnut from Do or Dine, and I picked up a grilled cheese from Little Muenster. What to say about a doughnut filled with extremely rich foie gras and jelly? Way too big in my opinion. I don’t know how anyone could eat the whole thing. I had a bite and that was about enough for me. I loved my grilled cheese. They made it with Oaxaca and cotija cheese, corn puree, and tomatillo. Gooey and full of flavor. Right up my alley. It was so good that I didn’t even manage to get a picture of it before it was inhaled.

BLT From Landhaus

Next we tried the duck hotdog from Craft. It came with pickled cabbage slaw. I thought it was okay. The hotdog itself was quite tasty but as a whole I was not super impressed. Not my favorite bite of the afternoon. We then meandered over to the Hamaggedon area where Dave got a sandwich from Porchetta, which we all know is beyond delicious, and  Liz and I split the BLT from Landhaus. It was made with thick cut bacon and was definitely better than any BLT I’ve ever had.

Stracciatella Pizza from Co.

After a prolonged rest we decided pizza would be our last stop of the day (before hitting dessert obviously). I’ve been wanting to try Jim Laey’s Co. for a while. After all, his no-knead bread is legendary so I wanted to see what he could do with the pizza pie. We got the Stracciatella pizza, which came with stracciatella cheese, tomatoes, arugula, and a nice hit of spice. Good char on the crust, super fresh tomatoes, and the cheese was fabulous. I definitely have to get to the restaurant to try out his other pizzas.

Dessert was a horchata shake from Big Gay Ice Cream. I’m a fan of anything cinnamon so I was not disappointed by this. Cool and refreshing on a hot day. When we left, the park was completely packed, and lines were ranging from a 30 minute wait to an hour wait. We had all wanted to try to the soft-shelled crab sandwich from Vinegar Hill House but it consistently had the longest lines of the day so we didn’t bother. I had a great time though and I’m glad we went.


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