4 Year Anniversary at Gwynnett St.

Crazy to say but Rick and I have been together for 4 years. I can’t believe it myself. Time flies. To celebrate, Rick booked a reservation at new Williamsburg hotspot, Gwynnett St. The head chef is Justin Hilbert who worked previously at wd~50. Needless to say, he has a few culinary tricks up his sleeve.

Slow Poached Egg…and the shadow of my iPhone

Every review we read raved about their whiskey bread so we obviously started with that. It comes out warm and looks a lot like corn bread. It’s got a touch of sweetness and just a hint of whiskey and came in really handy with our other appetizer. We ordered the slow poached egg, which came with pork, peas, pecorino, and the most flavorful broth I think I’ve ever come across (save maybe Ippudo). Dipping the bread in that delicious concoction is about as good as it gets. Plus, it’s so pretty!

Chicken & assorted veggies

Rick decided on the Amish chicken with  Japanese cucumber, potatoes, and hay ash (apparently it is cool to cook with ashes?). From what I’ve read (NYTimes review) the chicken is brined with the ash but it didn’t taste overly smokey to me. Just incredibly moist and juicy. If you can use those two adjectives to describe chicken, then it’s been cooked perfectly. Rick and I loved it.

The Best Duck Ever

I ordered the duck and wild rice. I don’t think I’ll be able to order duck anywhere else because there is nothing that can possibly compare to this dish. The skin is crispy and under it is a layer of fat that has so much flavor it might make your brain explode from over stimulation. The duck breast is cooked to medium rare and is truly fantastic. This dish made my night.

Mint Sponge Cake & Pickled Green Strawberries

Then we got to dessert. It’s an experience. The menu in no way prepares you for whatever you’ve just ordered. My dessert was simply called, “Mint, milk, and green strawberries.” What I got was a mint sponge cake, with pickled green strawberries, ice cream, and some sort of crunchy salty concoction. It was totally different and felt light and refreshing. I preferred Rick’s choice though. He got the “milk chocolate, peanut, and black currant.” Essentially a slab of milk chocolate, with crunchy, salty peanuts, and black currant ice cream. As Rick pointed out, it almost tasted like a PB&J, except with the addition of chocolate. Yum.

Chocolate & Peanuts

We agreed that we’ll have to come back and try everything else out on the menu. It’s small and cute and the food is fantastic.


One thought on “4 Year Anniversary at Gwynnett St.

  1. Oh my gosh, to follow you on all your culinary trips is spectacular but this special restaurant sounds stunningly delicious! I love hearing and reading your voice in your blog! Keep it up.
    Also, congratulations on your Fourth Anniversary with Rick. All the best to you this summer. Have a great one.

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