Foodie Musings: Lewisburg Edition

This past weekend was Rick’s 5 year reunion at Bucknell. 5 years outside the bubble. That’s a year more than you actually get to spend at the happiest place on earth. Sigh, it won’t be long until that’s me. I was just glad I got to tag along, as I hadn’t been there since House Party ’10. Lots of things have changed in LBurg but it really felt as though I had never left. Obviously, upon returning, the things that I deemed most important revolved around food. During my 4 years there I never thought I would miss the food in Lewisburg, it’s not exactly gourmet, but man do I miss it. On the short list of places to go were The Bison (one of Bucknell’s 2 places to eat on campus), The Bull Run, The Freez, and MSD (Market Street Deli).


MSD is a staple in the Lewsiburg dining scene. They make the best breakfast sandwiches, delicious breakfast burritos, greasy sandwiches, and if you ask my friends, the best tuna sandwich. Kids eat there to cure hangovers and, in a brilliant move my junior year, they opened late night for all the drunkards to get their 3 am grease fix. Needless to say, the place is always doing good business. So, when we drove past it on our way into town and saw that it was dark and papered up, I was a bit confused. MSD, closed? How could that be? Apparently, it was sold last year to two guys (possibly Bucknell grads? No one seemed to know for sure) and they disappeared (to Greece?) and never came back and now it’s closed…for good. I shed a tear for our fallen comrade and secretly thanked God that I had graduated before this catastrophe occurred.

There were still plenty of things to eat. First stop on Friday morning was the Bison. Since my go to bfast sandwich place was gone, I needed to get my hangover cure elsewhere. The Bison does your standard college fare – sandwiches, salads, burgers, etc. The bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich was fine, if a bit underwhelming, thanks to the stale bagel (should have gone with a croissant!). Still, being back there was awesome and made me a bit misty eyed.

Damn it’s good

Lunch at the Bull Run Inn meant only one thing: Bull Dip. To anyone outside Bucknell you might think of this as ‘spinach artichoke dip’ but Bull Dip is so much more. I challenge you to find anything better. It can’t be done. Most everyone at our table of 13 got wings (their wings are fantastic) but my stomach was not happy so I stuck with a grilled cheese, which was delish.

It always goes down smooth

For a midday snack we hit The Freez. The Freez is the local soft serve ice cream spot that makes Blizzard like treats, except obviously these are better. Can’t be beat! They’ve got a bajillion different soft serve flavors and you can then mix in as many candy, nut, cookie add-ins as you want. Not only that, but you can then add fudge or peanut butter down the center hole left by the mixer (yeah, get your laughs out now you sick-o). They come in 3 sizes but anything larger than a small is ridiculous. The small is enough to feed 2 people minimum. I’ve never even seen anyone attempt a large. Rick and I opted for mint oreo, a classic choice.

Veggies galore

That night we hit up Vennari’s Pizza, the best pizza in Lewisburg. That may not be saying much but their veggie pizza is my favorite veggie pizza ever. It’s so loaded with vegetables that you can’t even pick it up. Our trip there was a bit disappointing, as the pizza was so heavy that we couldn’t even get it off the pizza tray. Still tasted just as good as I remember so I’m not complaining.

On Saturday morning we hit Cherry Alley, which I didn’t frequent until my senior year. It’s a gem. Really, really good breakfast food. Not just good for Lewisburg but legit tasty food. Their breakfast burrito is to die for. I needed something a bit less heavy so I got the Mediterranean omelet. Filled with feta, olives, tomatoes, and red onion, it was a standout. So was my iced chai, which revived me (I can’t recover from drinking like I used to).

The Caf

The rest of Saturday we ate at school functions so nothing to report on there. Sunday morning we went to the Caf for our final meal. Oh, the Caf. What is there to say? Unlimited greasy food and a wall of cereal. No wonder I gained the freshman 15. It was exactly what I expected it to be. Mediocre cafeteria food that tastes phenomenal after a night of drinking. I forgot how great the waffle maker was. And the bins of bacon and sausage.

The Best Place on Earth

There’s no place like home.


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