Oh Hey Pacific Ocean

This past weekend I was lucky enough to be in Southern California for one of my very good friend’s wedding. It was beautiful, we stayed at the Ritz, and it was the first time my college friends have all been back together since we graduated. Definitely a good way to celebrate.

Worth a trip to California

Obviously, a trip to California means a stop at In-n-Out. I only had my first one 2 years ago but I dream about their burgers. In fact, it’s probably what made me start liking burgers in the first place. On our drive from LAX to Dana Point Rick, Ivana, Kate, and myself stopped to get our fill. We each got Double-Doubles Animal Style. Animal Style means they add thousand island dressing, grilled onions, pickles, and grill your burger with mustard. Everyone knows about In-n-Out’s “secret menu” but for a run down of every single thing on it, Serious Eats did an awesome and hysterical article about it (I totally recommend reading it).

3 Double-Doubles Animal Style

The burgers were just as good as I remember. Fresh, tangy, salty, addictive. I wish I was eating one right now. Their fries always disappoint me, though I’ve never tried those Animal Style so perhaps that’s next! Anyway, it was the perfect start to an incredibly great weekend. I just wish we had those burgers over here.