All Good Things & Cavaniola’s

A new food marketplace just opened up in Tribeca (Franklin and Church). It’s called All Good Things and as of now has 8 different vendors. They include Blue Bottle, Blue Marble, Dickson’s Farmstand, Orwashers, and Cavaniola Gourmet Cheese Shop. I was, of course, most interested in the cheese. The original shop is in Sag Harbor.

Stinky cheese is the best

To make a long story short, I walked up to the counter and was immediately asked if I’d like to try some cheese. Why yes, yes I would. I tried a mild Gorgonzola, an aged Pecorino, a French cows milk cheese, and a Scharfer Max, which comes from Switzerland and is stinky and delicious. I got a wedge of that to bring home.

Mmm gooey cheese & spicy meat

They also have a small variety of sandwiches, which you can choose to have heated up on their panini grill. I went with their sopressata, sun-dried tomatoes and fontal. It was incredibly good. The sopressata was cut thick and had a mild spice to it. The cheese was gooey and creamy. The tomatoes cut through the heaviness with their acidity. It was also a large sandwich.

I’m glad this place opened so close to where I work because I’ll definitely be stopping by soon to try some ice cream at Blue Marble and grab some bread at Orwashers (even though there is a location by my apartment that I still haven’t gone to).


Pane Panelle

Pane Panelle

Panelle are fried chickpea fritters that hail from the streets of Sicily, most notably, Palermo. They’re usually placed between two pieces of bread, which is commonly referred to as a “sandwich.” Yep, another sandwich here on BeerFoodLove. Embrace it because they’re glorious. Luckily, you don’t have to travel all the way to Sicily (though you should because it’s awesome) to have one of these bad boys. Pane Panelle in Tribeca serves up one of the most highly regarded sandwiches in all of NYC. It’s been voted one of the best by Grub Street and is frequently discussed on Serious Eats.

Pane e Melanzane & Caponata

Their eponymous sandwich, the pane e panelle, is made of the chickpea fritters, ricotta, and caciocavallo cheese. While this sounded delicious, and it is their most well-known, I decided to go with the melanzane e panelle. As the name implies, it comes with eggplant, panelle, and pecorino cheese on a small round roll. Let me tell you, it is a small sandwich and at $9 comes with a hefty price tag. I’m not saying it’s not worth trying, because it is, but if you’re starving this is not the sandwich you want to eat. The chickpea fritters are fairly filling and the eggplant helps to give it a bit more bulk but this won’t be filling you up.

Close up shot

I have to say, the sandwich itself is ridiculously tasty. The chickpeas are fried to perfection – light, not greasy, full of flavor. The eggplant is equally as good and the pecorino gives it a salty kick. The bread is wonderous. Not at all tough but doesn’t fall apart. It matches the ingredients perfectly. Really a well-balanced sandwich. Each sandwich comes with a side of their caponata. It’s a nice addition to the meal, though after eating the eggplant in the sandwich I didn’t really want much more of it. You can only eat so much eggplant, you know?